Additional Features of a Website

All websites, including this one, have certain features in common. All consist of text, images and links, presented in an organised format. Websites, however, differ in complexity with addition of other features. These features make a website more usable and interactive, hence the need to add them to your website.

Features That Improve Usability

These are features that will enhance your web content, making it more meaningful to the user.


A gallery is a collection of pictures and videos on a web page. It’s similar to the gallery on your smart phone.

A gallery is essential for displaying your products and/or services to your customers. This is especially if your customers need to see them.

Google Map

A Google Map shows your location. It also acts as a guide to direct customers to your location.

This is an essential feature unless your clients do not have to come to your premises to buy your goods/services.

Features That Improve Interactivity

These are features that will involve users of your website. They often involve collection, transmission, storage and retrieval of data.

Contact Form

A contact form is an online form that links the user of your website to you. When the user fills and submits the contact form, you receive it as email.

User Registration Form

A user registration form, as the name suggests, is used to register users of your website. You may want a user to register, or sign up, before accessing certain information on your website.

Special Purpose Form

You may not want a contact form or a user registration form, but you may need a special form that will collect specific data to suit your need, e.g. a form to book a reservation in your hotel.


A newsletter is a letter sent out to members of a group. In this context, the letter is sent out automatically via email to a group of subscribers.

This is an essential feature for keeping in touch with your customers.


A blog allows you to share elaborate information with your customers on your website whenever need arises, without involving your web designer.

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that allows you to modify the content of your website, without having to know anything about web designing.

This cuts you the cost of having to pay someone to update your website.

These are some of the features you may want us to add to your website to make it more usable and interactive. If interested in any of them, click here to order for web development service.