What you Need to Start Building a Website for Your Business

There are a few things you need to start building a website for your business. Most importantly, you need to gather all the items that will make up your web content (mostly text and images). Content is key, it is what will convince your customers to buy your products and/or services. Therefore, it should be selected and written wisely.

A typed document about your business

Write about your business i.e. products and/or services offered, their exceptionality, prices, branches, contacts, location(s), facilities, mission and vision, history, etc. The document should attempt to answer all customers' questions.


You need photos of your products, facilities, your employees at work, the executive committee and other photos that could be of interest. The photos should be professional and of high quality; consider hiring an expert with a good digital camera.

Color scheme

You need to make a choice of at least three colors that best represent your business. These colors will be used in your website design. [Click here to find a variety of colors that you could choose from.]

Web designer

Finally, you need a web designer to put all this together. And for that you have Gathiu eServices®. [Click here to hire us.]